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    One word. Simple to understand, yet seemingly impossible to master. As I wrested my way through this piece, I slowly began to realize I was forcing it to be something it wasn’t meant to be.   I removed myself, my expectations, my vision, and replaced my frustration with gratitude for opened eyes. Out of nowhere, a wave of acceptance hit me and made me realize I nearly missed the beauty of what was unfolding before me. I dropped the can of dye and let it be what it was meant to be – Different. Different from ‘my style’. Different than anything I’d ever done. There were clues along the way, which I conveniently ignored because it seemed I had the answers. Art, like life, doesn’t come with a surefire plan. Sometimes you have to accept what comes, find the beauty in the unexpected, and be grateful your vision doesn’t always take form. How different would your world look if you learned acceptance?