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    Ball of Emotions

    Unfortunately, life isn’t always black and white. It’s in these gray areas that things get messy and tangled, especially when your heart is involved. What seems so simple to an outsider leaves you restless, confused, and intertwined with doubt. It is in these times where your character is developed. It’s in the dance with doubt where you determine who you will be, what you will become, and how you will respond. When you’re a giant ball of emotions [none of which seem to make sense], and your world is spinning, how do you react? Where do you turn? Where do you put your trust? Evaluate your decisions in moments of doubt if you feel your life is not headed in the direction you want it to be. Take accountability for your decisions, and don’t be afraid to admit that you were caught up in a ball of emotions and not thinking clearly. Choose a different path the next time your world is swirling. Apologize. Forgive yourself. Move on. Learn to embrace the ball of emotions and bend with it before you break.