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    This piece was inspired by the power of Mother Nature. To stand in awe of its beauty is something that we often don’t take the time to do, but this piece will not tolerate being ignored. The strength, beauty, and power of Everest demands that you stop and observe its wonder. When you are standing in front of her, she begs to be explored. Every inch is unique, drawing your eye from one peak to the next, pulling you to the top, and then plunging you to the bottom. The precipice is daunting, scary; taunting the brave. This beauty, much like her owner, is difficult to conquer. Many stand in awe, afraid to approach her. Others attempt the climb, and fail. Her sheer beauty continues to attract the bold, and both are changed because of it. Each climber leaves their mark, but one day, the splendor that is Everest will be overcome. The patient, self-assured climber will ascend the terrain, inch by inch, unaware of the progression; focusing solely on the journey. And that’s when it happens….