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    We enter this world pure. Curious. Unbiased.  Unscathed by experiences, ideology, cultural and societal ‘norms’.  As we age, we begin to form ideals about what we stand for.  We develop a belief system, and define ourselves through many mediums.  We take on a form of self that is often more defined by others, and less by ourselves.  I call this our mask.  It creeps in, takes root in our insecurities, and deepens in our doubt.  We suspend our true self and allow the mask to become our unknown and unexplored identity.  Until, one day, we decide it’s bullshit.  For some, this day never comes.  Some remain victims of self-inflicted conformity.  But for those who dare to explore themselves at the core, they begin to claw away at their mask.  Ripping it off, one uncomfortable layer at a time, we become closer to our true self.  The angst!  The liberating, petrifying journey of self discovery is only as rewarding as you allow it to be. Remove your mask.  Embrace the diversity of our interconnectedness.