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    The Grind

    The grind.  It’s in your blood, or it’s not.  The grind cannot be learned.  You see – when you grit and grind, your work is never done.  Despite your accomplishments, you want more.  Not in an Americanized, capitalistic, “never have enough” kind of way, but in a personal ‘strive for more’ kind of way.  It’s a personal push for more out of yourself, for the benefit of others.  You think you know your potential, and then you surprise yourself.  With that surprise comes the push for more, and more, and more. You cannot rid yourself of the grind.  It’s an itch you can’t scratch; an unquenchable thirst for more.  More knowledge, more experiences, more encounters.  You see – the grind sounds selfish, but it’s the ancillary benefits that are your motivation.  If you’re not familiar with the grind, I don’t expect you to understand.