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    The Artist – Katie Diley


    Through patience and perseverance.
    As an Art major who fell into the business world out of college, it took time to get back to my passion.  In other words, life got in the way!
    As I was climbing the corporate ladder, I lost sight of what made me tick, until a bomb went off inside me.  It wasn’t until recently I realized I wasn’t missing a piece of myself … I was simply ignoring it.  The search for a studio began, and I landed in the Edge District of Memphis, TN.
    ​This is where my journey begins.
    The Edge is a collection of work inspired by life events and experiences.  Each piece represents a life lesson.

    Connect with a piece, connect with me. My mission is to share my story.

    Art is an outlet. A vessel for the soul. A way to share yourself with people when you cannot be there physically. When someone connects with my artwork, they connect with me. You can read a book, or watch a movie, but you experience art. Unlike any other medium, it continues to surprise you. It is the only art form that continues to give, long after the purchase. It continues to reveal itself, and in turn, the artist. When a piece speaks to you, listen. It may start with a whisper, but it will be relentless if ignored.

    The blank slate.  A new start, every day.

    This doesn’t just apply to art, but to life.  The process is different every day.  There is no recipe, only ingredients.  Calling upon past hurts and joys, new creations are born every day.  Everything from within is revealed.

    My creations are a variety of materials – from saw dust to broken glass. I paint with knives, allowing each texture to be unique and truly one of a kind. I often start with an idea in mind, but the process is a journey about listening. Much like we don’t know what will happen next in our lives, I never know what lies ahead for a piece; I only have a vision.

    Revealing the process