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    Do you ever feel like you’re so far into something that you can’t get out?  How does that make you feel? Is it your job? Your relationship? A lie you told, making you a prisoner of that false reality?  If you feel trapped, take the steps necessary to set yourself free, as impossible as it may feel.

    When I look at this piece, I see the beauty in entanglement.  Each piece is dependent on the other, but all work in harmony.  This is how relationships should be, whether personal or professional, and that is what truth and honesty provide.  There is nothing wrong with being so intertwined with something that you cannot seem to live without it when it’s a complimentary and reciprocal union.  Each part of this piece is unique and beautiful on its own but is accentuated by the other elements.

    There is something humbling about this dependency.  When we realize that we cannot do all things on our own, we begin to see more clearly. Our decisions become intentional and mindful.  It is with a deeper understanding and indebtedness that we walk through life, appreciating the ripple effect of our words and actions.  Your interpretation of this piece shows where you stand today in your journey; not where you will remain, unless that is what you choose.