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Katie Diley

As an Art major who fell into the business world out of college, it took time to get back to my passion.  In other words, life got in the way!

As I was climbing the corporate ladder, I lost sight of what made me tick, until a bomb went off inside me.  It wasn’t until recently I realized I wasn’t missing a piece of myself … I was simply ignoring it.  The search for a studio began, and I landed in the Edge District of Memphis, TN in early 2016.

​This is where my journey begins.

The Edge is a collection of work inspired by life events and experiences.  Each piece represents a life lesson.

Happy Customers

What they're saying

I continue to enjoy a myriad of emotions while on a visual vacation through Katie’s art! Each one-of-a-kind piece represents a story, a feeling, and/or a perspective that Katie shares through her work and through heartfelt written statements that accompany each piece. While her art bravely reveals some of her journey, it easily captivates you and takes you on a personal path that can change with each viewing. Katie’s use of a few colors, her chosen medium, and her talent combine to create a product that will accommodate alternating moods. I own Katie’s very first work of art and I love it more today than the day I purchased it! Katie also did a few commissioned pieces for our law office, and each one draws warmth and imagination to some common areas. I am definitely a future client and am excited to see what she comes up with next!

Jennifer S. Harrison Hall Booth Smith, P.C.

Honest. If I could use only one word, that would be it. It’s this quality that makes Katie Diley’s art “speak”. There are no topics off limit. They speak of social justice and divide, of love and separation, of chaos and of peace. It was a piece titled “Flight” that whispered my name when I first saw it, speaking to me of risk and opportunity and the exhilarating flight that comes with both. Katie imprints a piece of her soul into each piece. Her work is genuine and transparent and HONEST.

Sheila Zachry



Art is an outlet. A vessel for the soul. A way to share yourself with people when you cannot be there physically. When someone connects with my artwork, they connect with me. You can read a book, or watch a movie, but you experience art. Unlike any other medium, it continues to surprise you. It is the only art form that continues to give, long after the purchase. It continues to reveal itself, and in turn, the artist. When a piece speaks to you, listen. It may start with a whisper, but it will be relentless if ignored.

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